Posted by George Raymond
Dear Fellow Rotarians,
If you had purchased rice for the People's Pantry in anticipaton of bringing it to last Wednesday's meeting, you still have it in your possession because last week's meeting was cancelled.  So please bring it in tomorrow.  If you aren't coming tomorrow, bring it in the following week etc.
To those who have not yet purchased rice:  Please go to the supermarket and buy one box (or many boxes) and bring it in tomorrow.  Let's show the People's Pantry that Rotary is a real supporter.
If you would prefer to donate cash, please make your check payable to "The People's Pantry".  Cash is  as impotrtant as food donations because the Pantry has to buy a lot of the food it distributes to the less fortunate in our community.   Keep in mind that the Pantry is "all volunteer" so that virtually all donated funds are used to buy food.