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Hello Everyone,
Last Week:  Kendra MacLeod spoke to us about Caring Transitions, a business that assists with people downsizing and relocating.  Her company also runs estate sales and auctions for those relocating.  More information can be found at www.caringtrasitions/BErksHV.  
Breaking Bread:  Dave Isby circulated an email to the Club reporting on last week’s “Cinco de Mayo” Breaking Bread dinner.  Special thanks to Dave for organizing, shopping and preparing the meal.  He did a tremendous job!
Boy Scout Spaghetti Dinner:  Ray Murray reported at last week’s meeting that the first Boy Scout Spaghetti Dinner was a big success.  For those that weren’t at the meeting, Ray reported, “Vito and Steve did a great job organizing an executing the meal. It was very well done! Oscar was a huge help and Barbara Manring brought the cookies. I believe 190 tickets were sold.” 
Truck Day:  Is right around the corner!!  You will be, or perhaps you already have, received an email with a Sign Up Genius for the day of event.  Most of the time slots are one hour, but please consider signing up for more than one hour.  The extended forecast is looking favorable, so our fingers are crossed for a great day!  We have some terrific items for the Silent Auction, a very good response from our friendly truckers and the makings of our first Fire Truck Pull.  Attached is a flyer about the event, which you can forward to your friends and family members.  Also attached is information about the Truck Pull if you know of any organizations or teams of people that would like to compete.  It is fun for the whole family, guaranteed! 
Scratch Ticket Raffle:  Early ticket sales have been a little sluggish.  Please, please double up on your efforts to sell the tickets and return the money and stubs to me.  If you need more tickets for sale, please see Mary White, Tony Blair or myself.  As a reminder, tickets are $5 a piece or 5 for $20.
People’s Pantry:  Cereal
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Thank you, and have a great week!