Beginning in February, our Rotary Club will shift our efforts to collect food for the People's Pantry from weekly collections to a once-monthly food drive.  The first Wednesday of each month will be Rotary's food drive day for the month and it will be called "The First Wednesday Rotary Food Drive".  An item of the month will be named and Rotarians will be asked to bring that item to contribute to the People's Pantry.  As always, all items on the list of items sought by the Pantry will be welcome but the item of the month will provide focus.  The need for support for those in our community who struggle to make ends meet has grown and the Pantry has seen an increase in members of the community seeking food for their families.  It is our hope that by emphasizing the drive once per month we will help more Rotarians remember and prioritize bringing food to contribute on that one day each month and in doing so will increase the total amount of food collected for the People's Pantry by the club. 
Food contributions will be welcome any week and will be transported to the food pantry as they always have been.  Cash or check donations to the People's Pantry will continue to be welcome and are greatly appreciated and strongly encouraged.  Donations of food are very helpful but the Pantry could not stay in business without a steady inflow of cash.  Since the People's Pantry is all-volunteer with no paid staff, almost all donated cash is used to buy food.
Our first "First Wednesday Rotary Food Drive" will be held on Wednesday, February 7.  The item of the month will be CEREAL.  Cereal is a great item for winter because you can shop early and leave your contribution in your car until February 7 without risking frozen cans or jars of food bursting or becoming damaged and compromising the safety of the food they hold.  Please consider bringing some cereal on February 7 to make our first "First Wednesday Rotary Food Drive" a big success!