We are still taking donations for The People's Pantry for February.  This is George's letter from last week:
The Pantry is really hopping!  There were a record number of individuals and families served last week.  Yesterday, led by Anne Hutchinson, we expanded our services by an extra day by being open last evening from 5:30 to 6:30.  The Pantry has never done this before.  It was a slow start but once the word gets out, it should be very popular with folks who cannot get to our regular weekly Thursday morning openings.
All of this is by way of saying that we need all the help we can get.  Please show your support for this important community organization by bringing in food for tomorrow's Rotary meeting (or the week after or the week after that).  The choice is yours: Canned soups, canned vegetables, pasta sauce, peanut butter, tuna and beans. Packaged items: cereal, rice,  pasta.  Toilet paper is always needed. Thanks to all of you that donate food on a regular basis.
Cash is an alternative to food donations. Checks preferred but we will also accept currency.  Thanks to all those who are writing regular monthly or quarterly checks. A very faithful bunch.
There are three Rotarians who serve on the People's Pantry Board: Our Club President, Jessica Speer-Holmes, Anne Hutchinson and me.  Anne was recently elected to the post of Vice President for Operations.  
See you tomorrow!
PS:  This time of year, be careful about storing canned goods in your car.  A very cold night will likely freeze the contents and rupture the can's seal creating a little crack that cannot necessarily be seen. But the microbes can see the crack and will move right in.