Posted by Jessica Speer Holmes

Hello all,

I won't be able to join you this week as I am part of an all-day conference call with YMCA of the USA.  Thank you to Barbara Manring for leading today's meeting

Three notes for this week:

1) It is not too late to make People's Pantry donations for this month.  Please see George's message below for information.

2) Our April 22 regular lunch meeting at Crissey Farm will not be held.  We anticipate low attendance due to the school vacation and would like to be respectful of Crissey Farm's need for good attendance to make the function worthwhile for them from a business standpoint.

3) There will be a Truck Day meeting on Tuesday, March 17 at 5pm at The Brewery.  Please join us.  These meetings are always fun and many hands will make light work of Truck Day 2020.

See you next week!