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Hello Everyone,
This Week:  Thank you to Barbara for running this week’s meeting. I regret that I can’t be with you all to hear what Smitty has to share with the Club.
Boy Scout Dinner:  The Boy Scout Spaghetti Dinner will be held next Thursday, April 28th at St. Peter’s Parish Center.  Steve Agar has tickets available for sale.  It would be greatly appreciated if all Rotarians would consider purchasing two tickets for the dinner.
Breaking Bread:  Dave Isby sent an email to the Club last week asking members to let him know if they can help out at Breaking Bread on Thursday, May 5th.  Please contact Dave at if you are available to help.
Truck Day:  Is coming May 22nd!   Scratch ticket raffle tickets are available for sale.  Please see Mary White or Tony Blair to get your tickets for sale.  Tickets are $5 a piece or 5 for $20.
People’s Pantry:  Canned Fruit
And from the Rotary Foundation:
JUST WHAT ARE PACKAGED GRANTS?  Packaged grants are designed by Rotary and our strategic partners to help you carry out large-scale, sustainable projects. Because we've taken care of selecting partners, raising funds, and designing the project, you can focus your energy and expertise on bringing the project to life. Like global grants, packaged grants support our areas of focus and can include scholarships, humanitarian projects, and vocational training. The key difference is that the project's framework is provided for you.
We offer nursing scholarships and training for health educators with our partner Aga Khan University. With our partner UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, we fund scholarships for water and sanitation professionals. Vocational training and medical service teams work with our partner Mercy Ships. These grants are funded 100% by the World Fund.