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Hello Everyone, 
Last Week:  Special thanks to Jessica and her team at Camp Hi-Rock for hosting our Installation Dinner last week for John Benedict. The weather was picture perfect, the food was delicious and the fellowship ideal.  Thank you for sharing your very special part of the world with us.  Thank you also to Michael Wise for organizing the dinner.  It was a perfect night to welcome John as our new president.  We all know that he will serve the Club very well!  “It will be just fine, John, just fine!”
This Week:  We honor Fred and Sally Harris as our Citizens of the Year!  I hope that those Rotarians not on vacation will make every effort to attend.  Thank you to Mary Ann Norris for heading up the selection process and coordinating the program.  As we learned two weeks ago, it has been through the enormous efforts of Fred and Sally that the glorious building that was St. James Church has been saved, as well as the historic corner of Main Street and St. James Place.   
Odille and Sally:  We will be giving Sally and Odille envelopes this week.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to contribute to the “hat,” please see either Barbara or me at the meeting to donate.  We only pass the hat twice a year.  Please remember that they  serve us lunch approximately 26 times in that period.  Please consider what you would typically tip for a lunch, and donate accordingly. 
Restaurant Raffle Tickets:  Raffle tickets are now available!! Barbara Manring has tickets, so please see her to get your booklets.  The drawing will be on July 21st at the Golf Tournament.  All proceeds from the ticket sales go to the Scholarship program.  Please use your tremendous efforts and talents to sell the tickets!
NEXT WEEK’S PROGRAM:  The Southern Berkshire Volunteer Ambulance Squad will be presenting a program on Bystander CPR.  The program will begin at 12:45pm.  As always, you are welcome to bring guests to lunch.  Perhaps family members, or co-workers, would learn something from this important life saving topic.
People’s Pantry:  Rice for this week  - Tuna for next week.
And lastly, from me: 
This is my last weekly Bulletin as the Club’s President.  As I mentioned last Wednesday, it has been an honor to serve as President.  You all have made it relatively easy to be in this role.  I am amazed at how much we accomplish by members quietly taking on their role within the Club – it is truly representative of Service Above Self.  I enjoyed eating lunch with different groups, working with different individuals, and learning more about you all, and your interests.  I thank you for the opportunity to serve as President, and I look forward to working with you in continuing the great work we do in our community and in the world.
Thank you,