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Hello Everyone,
Last Week:  We had an interesting presentation from Christopher Bryne from SJG Emergency Response Training and Consulting, LLC.  SJG offers “state-of-the-art emergency response and first-aid training and consulting.”  Chris’ presentation led to an involved discussion on how Rotary may be able to facilitate in the location of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) within the downtown business corridor, as well as the training of individuals on these devices.  The Board is exploring ideas as to how this idea can come to fruition.  More details will be forthcoming.
Membership News: Phylene Farrell, Ray Murray, Christine Goldfinger and Steve Bannon are celebrating birthdays this month. We hope they'll remember the Student Assistance Fund in their celebrations! (Members traditionally contribute $1.00 per year to the SAF to help build our investment.) Membership anniversaries this month: Oskar Hallig - 2 years, Vito Vitrano - 15 years, Lou Moscatello - 20 years, Richard Stanley - 24 years, and Steve Bannon - 33 years! Congratulations to everyone and thank you for your service.
Breaking Bread:  Is tomorrow night!  Please let Dave Isby know if you can help out.  Dave’s email is
Truck Day:  We will be having a Truck Day meeting tonight at 5:00pm at the Brewery.  It is our final push before Truck Day happens on May 22nd!   We will be nailing down all logistics at this meeting.  Please come help if you can!
Scratch Ticket Raffle:  Please double up on your efforts to sell the scratch ticket raffle tickets.  If you need more tickets for sale, please see Mary White, Tony Blair or myself.  As a reminder, tickets are $5 a piece or 5 for $20.  You can turn in your money and raffle stubs to me.
People’s Pantry:  Peanut Butter
See you all next week!
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