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Hello Everyone,
Last week:   We heard from our own Jess Krupski about the changes in the reverse mortgage program, and how that market has taken off with the aging of the baby boomer population.
Girl Scout Pancake Breakfast:  From all accounts of Rotarians, Girl Scouts and pancake eaters, the breakfast was a tremendous success.  At times, it was standing room only!  A special thanks to Janet Dohoney for organizing everything to do with the breakfast.  She has mentioned to me that she could not have done any of it without the support of all of you who readily answered her call for help.  Thank you!
Holiday Lights:   This Sunday Nov 22nd at 1pm.  As Elizabeth mentioned in Monday’s e-blast, Rotarians and other community members will be meeting at the Kimball Fuel garage, the entrance of which is the driveway to the Prairie Whale, at 1pm on Sunday afternoon in order to hang the holiday decorations on the antique light poles in Great Barrington.  If you can help out this Sunday afternoon, please let either Ed McCormick or me ( know.  If you can bring an 8 foot ladder, that would be very helpful.  We will end up at the Pittsfield Cooperative Bank for popcorn and hot chocolate.
Lotto:  It is hard to believe that Lotto sales will be ending in two weeks.  Please bring your Lotto cards and proceeds to this week’s meeting, or to the Holiday Dinner on December 1st.  If you will not be able to make it to either the meeting or the dinner, please make arrangements with Mary Saporito to get your cards and proceeds to her by the end of the month.  Mary has more cards available.  The Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect time to hit up your family members!  If every Rotarian sold 1 or 2 extra cards, it would make a significant difference to our bottom line.  Thank you for your efforts!
Holiday Party:  As you all know, the Holiday dinner is on Tuesday, December 1st at Café Adam.  Please let John Benedict know if you will be attending ( ).
No Meetings:  No Rotary luncheon meeting next week.  Our next “meeting” is the Holiday Dinner on the 1st.  There is no meeting on December 2nd.
Holiday Tip for Odille and Sally:  We have an erratic meeting schedule for the next couple of weeks, and we absolutely do not want to forget about Odille and Sally and the wonderful care and treatment we receive from them each week.  Barbara Manring has offered to organize a collection to thank them for the service they provide to us.  We will be passing the basket over the next couple of weeks.  Please remember that typically Sally and Odille provide lunch for us approximately 50 times a year.  We collect a tip for them twice a year.  Please consider what you would tip for a lunch out, and plan your tip for Sally and Odille accordingly.  Thank you!
Rodrigo:   As mentioned previously, please think of Rodrigo and include him in any interesting activities you are planning, or just have him over for dinner.  Rodrigo’s email is  He is currently staying with the Santos family in Glendale.  The contact information for the Santos’ is: 8A Mohawk Lake Road, Glendale, MA  413-298-8198.  The host mother, Trish Santos’ email is
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes:  At last week’s meeting, I mentioned that Monument Valley Regional Middle School is collecting used shoes to provide to adults and children in Africa.  I am happy to collect your shoe donations this week. 
If there is any other organization that is sponsoring a collection or drive, please let me know and I will include the information in future Bulletins.
People’s Pantry:  Cereal
Once again, I cannot thank you all enough for all your support and contributions to our Rotary Club.  I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your friends and family members.
From the Rotary Foundation:
OUR ROTARY SUCCESS WITH THE POLIO PLUS CAMPAIGN Because of Rotarian support, more than four million children who might have been polio victims are walking and playing normally.  Since 1985, through Rotary’s efforts, and those of its partners around the world, more than two billion children have received polio vaccines and have been protected.  There are currently three countries that are endemic: Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We must not stop our efforts until we give the children a Polio Free world!