Current Membership: 56 members
Hello Everyone,
Last Week: Tracie Beasley from The Trustees of the Reservations spoke about ways they sharing their properties with the public. Who knew they had trails for fat bikes?
Oskar Hallig lead the team of Rotarians at Breaking Bread. The meal was great and everyone enjoyed being there.
This Week’s Program: Anne Hutchinson will speak about her volunteer work at Muddy Brook and her travel to Ghana and Ethiopia.
Book drive:  Please remember to bring children's books for the book house.
Interact Club: The club is alive with 32 new members. They will be selecting officers and board members soon.

Member Birthdays:
Joel Moskowitz October 10th
Wayne Harris October 16th
Paul Hickey October 19th
Michael Wise October 30th
Rotary Anniversaries:
Nancy O’Connor 16 Years October 1st
Bobbie Hallig 13 Years October 1st
Jessica Speer-Holmes 10 Years October 4th
Nadia Milleron 7 Years October 14th

Board Meeting: Monday October 3rd

People's Pantry: Packaged Rice