Posted by Michael Wise
This week we have an opportunity to do something on our wish-list: use a regular Wednesday meeting for doing Rotary business. I was planning to set this up for later in the month, but this week’s speaker just cancelled at the last minute. A couple of topics need some attention, from committees more than from the full membership. 
First, committees that are involved in spending money should put together a proposal for next year’s budget, in time for the board to review and adopt it in July. Second, the communications-website committee needs to set up a system for doing the newsletter, which Jessica Speer-Holmes has ably managed over the last few months but which she can’t handle over the summer while the camp is going full blast. And if any committees have other issues that they’d like to discuss at that level, here’s your chance, without having to find another time and place.
My proposal: after lunch tomorrow, we reassemble with the other members of our committee(s) to review what we've done over this Rotary year and outline what we might want to do next year — and how much it would cost.