Posted by Jessica Speer-Holmes
The following news post was recently added to the Great Barrington Rotary Facebook page.  We're including it here for those who might have missed it or who might not use Facebook:
Have you noticed the beautiful holiday lights on the trees lining Main Street in Great Barrington? Did you know they were made possible by the Great Barrington Rotary Club? This is a photo of Steve Agar hanging the last few strands of lights. Steve Agar and Ed McCormick have provided leadership to this festive Rotary Club project for the past three years. The Great Barrington Rotary Club purchased the lights for the trees along Main Street when they were first planted following the Main Street construction project and has been responsible for maintaining them and replacing them as needed for the past three years. A group of jolly Rotarians has hung the lights each year, including leaders Ed McCormick and Steve Agar, along with Steve Bannon, Peter Dillon, Mark DeCelle, and John Benedict. These Rotarians have been joined each year by select board member Ed Abrahams and community member Jim Mercer who has taken great interest in the project and worked very hard to to ensure Great Barrington is decked out in time for the holiday season along with his cousin Simon Dugnan who wins the prize for travelling the furthest to help light up Great Barrington by flying in from Ireland! In addition to the lights, Great Barrington Rotary has been in charge of the holiday wreaths and garlands adorning the decorative light poles since they were purchased using funds raised as part of the Great Barrington 250th Celebration. Big thanks to all of these members of our community who have given us all the gift of a twinkling downtown to enjoy at this special time of the year! 
To see the post on the Great Barrington Rotary Facebook page, please click the link below: