Storage Space
The Club needs some storage space. Does anyone have an empty garage or barn or corner of a basement? First, we need to find a place for the stuff that is in the basement of the house that John Benedict is moving out of. Second, while we’re at it we should collect into one place all the of the odds and ends, the banners and pancake breakfast supplies and shelters and logo merchandise and who knows what else that is lurking in other basements and garages and attics. If you have Rotary stuff stashed away, let me know; we’ll try to put it all in one place. If no member has a place for it all, we’ll rent a storage locker.
Volunteers to attend our Rotary District Assembly and the Rotary International Convention
We’re looking for volunteers to attend a couple of Rotary events coming up. Our District assembly is May 9, in Enfield, Connecticut. In the morning is a training session, which could be valuable for newer members or those who want to learn more about how the club connects with the District and Rotary International. At the noon business meeting – where you’d get a free lunch! --  our club has two votes. The agenda is mostly to change the district bylaws to make it easier to form a quorum at these meetings.
The other upcoming event is more exotic: Is anyone going to Canada in June? The annual Rotary International convention is in Toronto June 26-27. You could be our representative and vote for the next RI Governor.
More Time for Club Business
One of the pieces of business that we did not get to at last week’s Wednesday meeting of the club was a recommendation from the Membership Committee to make more time available at our regular Wednesday meetings for talking about club business. Ironic, yes? It’s a good idea, so we’re going to try to make about one meeting per month a club assembly or business session. The next one will probably be in early May. One topic for a general meeting will be the Membership Committee’s proposals about attendance and corporate membership, which they had planned to discuss last week. Another possibility is to use a Wednesday session for committees to get together and in some cases to get themselves organized: a few still don’t have chairs or vice-chairs. We start a new fiscal year in July, with a new slate of officers and directors, and it would be good to help them hit the ground running, with people and plans and a budget lined up and ready to go.