Dear Fellow Rotarians,
The first Wednesday of November, the 7th, is on its way.  The item choice isCanned Beans.  In the grocery store you will find the usual variety of brands, sizes, and prices. Packaged beans are also welcome as is any other non-perishable food item.  Think about purchases of $15-$20 or more--remember it's a one time donation for the whole month.  Remember also that cash donations (currency or checks) are welcome and very important.  Make your check payable to "People's Pantry" and please give it to me at Wednesday's meeting.
The Pantry must either buy the food it distributes or employees so virtually every dollar donated is designated for purchase of food.have it donated. Either way, it is entirely dependant on the local community for support.  The Pantry has no 
As for service, the People's Pan
try is a natural fit for Rotary. We are a relatively large group that meets once a week and it's a vital community need, ideal for the participation of every member.
If you are not able to attend the November 7 meeting, bring your donation of food or cash to the following meeting.  There are four Wednesdays in November.  THE NEED IS GREAT!
See you on the 7th.