The Great Barrington Rotary Club hosted Area One youth exchange students at Ski Butternut over the weekend of January 24th - 26th and it was a terrific success (as usual), with the help and support of many members of the community.
This event is one of the highlights of being a Great Barrington Rotarian. We join kids together from around the world for a weekend of fun and long lasting relationships. This weekend is one the kids never forget. It also opens the possibility to other kids who learn about becoming an exchange student.
Students are hosted by local families who generously opened their homes and the Club thanks Thomas & Susan Henriques, Michael Wise & Susan Pettee, Bruce & Rita Pretty, Nadia Milleron & Michael Stumo and Mark & Sherry DeCelle for their kind hospitality.
We also had many hands that kept the kids fed and on the ski slopes. Thank you, Vito & Maria Vitrano, Ray Murray, David Isby, Christine Pinney, Angela Spitia Benedict, Hunter McCormick, Michael Stumo, Samya Stumo, Richard Friedman and again, all of the host families who also helped with transportation, lunches and dinners.
The students enjoyed a pizza party on Friday evening at Railroad Street Youth Project's facility in the Snyder Youth Building. Thank you to RSYP and David and Anna for all their help. It was great to meet them and spend the evening together. Pastor Van Ausdall, provided the Congregational Church as a location for Saturday night's dinner. A big thank you to Pastor Van--we appreciate all you do for us.
Thank you to Dave Ryel and Ski Butternut for donating ski passes, rental equipment and ski lessons. In addition to their generous donation, they have a first class staff that help us all weekend. We are lucky to have such great people representing our community.
Susan Smith                                John Benedict                                  Hunter McCormick
Co Chair YEX Ski Weekend        Co Chair YEX Ski Weekend            Youth Exchange Officer